Refusal of National Human Rights Commission to create independent forensic Commission

Saltillo, Coahuila (30 October 2012) – The National Commission of Human rights (CNDH) responded to the communication sent on October 10, 2012 by various movements of the relatives of the disappeared and organizations of human rights.  In this document, these movements and organization expressed their concern for the lack of attention by the Commission.

The communication raised the need to implement a Collaboration agreement for the creation of an Independent International Commission of Forensic Experts for the cases of 72 murdered migrants, located in San Fernando, Tamaulipas and those murders located in the municipality of Cadereyta […]

The United Forces for Our Disappeared in Mexico (FUNDEM) also expressed that the right to know the truth is the pillar of Justice which is: ” to know where our missing relatives are, to look for them, to investigate the facts that led to their disappearance, to determine who is responsiblefor it and, in the event that our relatives could have died, to corroborate this through internationally recognized scientific methods to have no doubt as families about the passing away of our relatives.”

But the response of the Commission to the proposal of the independent forensic Commission was negative, arguing that ” this institution has not legal to link in the proposed terms faculties.” And ends by saying that ” this national body reiterates it its readiness to collaborate with you in other actions…”

For further information contact the Foundation for Justice and the Democratic Rule of Law: Queretaro inner 238 602, Roma Norte, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, CP. 06100, Mexico, CE City:


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