Members of FUUNDEC and FUNDEM outside the Federal Interior Ministry

Photo: Aristegui NoticiasMembers of FUUNDEC and FUNDEM outside the Federal Interior Ministry

One January 16th, 2013, the Minister of the Federal Ministry of the Interior in the Peña Nieto Administration cancelled an appointment with FUUNDEC and FUNDEM (United Forces for Our Disappeared in Coahuila and Mexico) after these organizations gave a press conference and showed pictures of their disappeared relatives outside the Interior Ministry’s office. FUUNDEC and FUNDEM wanted to meet with the Minister to discuss strategies and plans to continue the search for the disappeared.
Contact the Interior Minister to re-schedule the meeting with FUUNDEC and FUNDEM at or send a twitter to the Mexican president twitter@EPN

Urgent action— The Migrant Shelter in Saltillo and Alberto Xicotencatl, one of the speaker of the No More Blood Tour, under threat!!!!!!!!

From Amnesty International Canada


Members of Belén Migrants’ Shelter (Casa del migrante – Posada Belén), in Saltillo, Coahuila state, northern Mexico have been subjected to threats and information theft.

On 19 December, the window of a car belonging to Catholic priest and director of the shelter, Pedro Pantoja Arreola was smashed and a briefcase containing confidential work documents was stolen. On 27 December, the car of shelter coordinator Javier Martínez Hernández was also broken into and another briefcase with confidential important documents was taken. Valuables were not taken in either case, despite access and opportunity.

On 30 December, a call was made to Pedro Pantoja Arreola’s private phone in the church by a man threatening to the whole team at the Posada Belén, stating “You will all be screwed” (Se los va a llevar la chingada).

On 1 January an unidentified person called the offices of Posada Belén, saying they had found documents with the name and telephone number of Javier Martínez Hernández and said they could be picked up. When Javier Martínez Hernández arrived at the address provided, there was only an unidentified woman present. She said she did not know of any documents. A formal complaint has been filed for the events mentioned above at Coahuila State Attorney General’s Office.

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A Bitter Christmas and New Year’s Eve for the Families of the Disappeared in Mexico

A press release from FUUNDEC and a translated letter from the Family Robledo Fernandez (December 2012) on the recent liberation from prison of a suspect of José Antonio Robledo’s disappearance by Judge due to a writing error in documentation.

  • While millions of families celebrated life this past Christmas, thousands of families in Mexico and Central America go through a living hell because of the disappearance of their loved ones and the lack of justice.

The mother and father of José Antonio Robledo Fernández are looking for him since January 2009.  His mother, Guadalupe, and his father José Antonio, are members of the United Forces for Our Disappeared in Coahuila (FUUNDEC).  Both parents have had to do what authorities have not done in the investigation of their son’s disappearance.  Those authorities are once again the source of shame after the decision of Judge Carlos Nicéforo Adolfo Olea Peñaflores to NOT press charges for the possession of illegal weapons against Carlos Enrique Haro Villarreal, despite clear evidence.

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