Sharing happiness to diminish the pain: Central American Mothers in Coahuila

For the second year, United Forces for Our Disappeared in Coahuila (FUUNDEC) welcomed the Caravan of Central American Migrant Mothers “Freeing Hope” (“Liberando la Esperanza”). They are searching for their children who disappeared in Mexico on their way to the US. This caravan was organized by the Mesoamerican migrant movement.

FUUNDEC organized a welcome gathering so they could enjoy a short moments of happiness to diminish Mexican and Central American mothers’ pain and join forces to continue searching for the disappeared. In this gathering, the Grupo Grafitos was invited to share its music and dance.

Letter from FUNDEM/FUUNDEC to Mexican government

25 October 2012

Dr. Alejandro Poiré Romero

Secretary of State of Mexico

On May 31, members of United Forces for our Disappeared in Mexico (FUNDEM), and other civil society organizations met with you and with various authorities to discuss the Federal Government’s approach to the issue of the forced disappearance. At that meeting, we reached an agreement on several issues:

The creation of an inter-institutional group to follow up each case of forced disappearance.  The members of this group are the State Ministry (SEGOB), General Attorney Office and PROVICTIMA.  The members will have weekly meetings. Continue reading

Urgent Action Campaign on the Double Murder of Mexican Activists

On Monday October 22nd, two anti-mining activists, Ismael Solorio Urrutia and his wife were shot to death in Chihuahua, Mexico. Both Urrutia and his wife were members of El Barzon, which is a small farmers movenment in Chihahua. El Barzon has been campaigning against the installation of mining companies that would be taking over communal land in Benito Juarez in Chihuahua State. Previous to the shooting, Ismael Solorio Urrutia had been subjected to death threats and was even attacked and beaten by someone allegedly in connection with the mining company. Amnesty International has started an urgent campaign on the murder of these activists, and to help protect the members of the Barzon Movement. Please follow our link to Amnesty, and write your letters of concern to help demand justice for the people of Mexico.

Ismael Solorio Urrutia