Tomorrow is the International Day of the Disappeared. Mexican families draw attention to the fate of their relatives

August 30th is the International Day of the Disappeared. This day raises awareness of the fate of individuals whose whereabouts is unknown to their relatives and/or legal representatives in cases of involuntary disappereances because of armed conflict or authoritarian regimes. In preparation for this day, different human rights organizations and families of the disappeared are carrying out different events tomorrow throughout Mexico. Please support the families by sending a twitter to Mexico’s president asking him to #findthedisappeared@PresidenciaMX

If the twitter messages come from abroad, you will giving the families a lot of support.


FUUNDEC’s February Meeting with State Authorities

On February 9th, the United Forces for our Disappeared in Coahuila (FUUNDEC) held a meeting with members of the Independent Working Group on Forced Disappearances, and several state and federal authorities.  State authorities included the Governor of the State of Coahuila, Lic. Rubén Ignacio Moreira Valdez, the Secretariat of Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Secretary of the Interior (SEGOB), Lia Limón Garcia, the Human Rights Department of the Attorney General Office (PGR), Ricardo Garcia Cervantes, the State Coordinator for the Federal Police in Coahuila Commissioner, Eduardo Valiente Hernández, and the Congresswoman Miriam Cárdenas Cantu.

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