No More Blood+10

Ten years ago, amid lack of public awareness in Canada about skyrocketing violence and human rights violations in Mexico, Canadian universities, including mine, and Amnesty International Canada came together to organize a series of events with four human rights defenders from the frontlines. The tour was evocatively called No More Blood in Mexico. It aimed to shine a spotlight on shocking realities in Mexico and to press Canadian authorities to put the protection of human rights at the heart of their engagement with Mexico. Ten years later, our Mexican human rights partners continue their vital work amid intensified violence, fueled by domestic realities and pressures from neighboring countries. The need for awareness, solidarity and support for movements for change has never been more important. This is the goal of No More Blood in Mexico +10 as we once again assess the view from the ground and what is needed to end the crisis. (Video available in Spanish. Video with English subtitles will be coming soon).