Alberto Patishtán and Solidarity with the Voice of el Amate, a Cry for Justice PDF Print E-mail

Written by Alma Sánchez, Translation by Nelida Montes de Oca   
Monday, 25 March 2013 12:36

Source: Desinformemonos

“We are governed by injustice”:  Alberto Patishtán Gomez, Prison No. 5 San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas

 Now that hope of a just intervention by the Mexican courts has disappeared, due to the refusal of the Supreme Court to take Patishtán’s case, national and international solidarity remains as an alternative.

 On March 6th, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) decided not to resume [its jurisdiction] in the case of Alberto Patishtán Gomez – by three votes against, from the Ministers José Ramón Cossío, Jorge Pardo and Alfredo Gutiérrez Ortiz Mena, and two in favour, from Olga Sanchez Cordero and Arturo Zaldivar -. They refused to hear the case which was raised with them by Strategic Defence of Human Rights team, which consists of Leonel Rivero and Sandino Rivero. The SCJN has delegated the case to the Tribunal Court in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, which has already ruled against the release of the political prisoner previously.

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One year anniversary of the No More Blood Tour in Canada

This month last year, four amazing human rights activists from Mexico came to Canada to discuss the security crisis in their country (which is also the country of one of the speaking tour’s organizers).  One of the outcomes of this speaking tour in Canada is the exclusion of Mexico from the safe country of origin list.  Last year, Immigration and Citizenship Canada was planning to include Mexico as a safe country of origin.  This meant that people with failed refugee claims from Mexico was not going to be able to access the Refugee Appeal division.

The Mexican human rights activists and the organizers of the tour met with officials of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada to discuss how Mexico is NOT a safe country of origin.

In December 2012, Immigration Minister did not include Mexico in the safe country of origin list.