Family (a member of FUNDEM) intimidated by police in Queretaro @gobqro

On November 1st, a family, which is a member of United Forces for Our Disappeared in Mexico, was a victim of intimidations by the municipal, state and investigation police of Querétaro.


When the family asked the police why they were there, police officers responded that they received orders from above (de más arriba) to come to their home to make sure the family did not have unauthorized weapons. This family has been at the center of protests to pressure authorities in Queretaro to search for its missing relative and the relatives of other families in the state of Queretaro, who have also been disappeared.

FUNDEM indicated that other families in the country that belong to their organization have been victims of similar acts of intimidations and attacks.

In FUNDEM’s words: “We demand the Governor and the Attorney in General of the state of Queretaro to take measure to guarantee the safety of the family that was victim of intimidation…”

If you want to help to protect the family, send a message to the Government of Queretaro through twitter


Or e-mail

Governor of Queretaro, Lic. José Eduardo Calzada Roviros

State Attorney General, Arsenio Durán Becerra