The Final Days of the Calderon Administration and FUUNDEC’s Demands

(Summary of November News on FUUNDEC and Enforced Disappearances, Sources: Excelsior, Noticias MVS, Proceso)

Between 2008 and 2011, 14000 people have disappeared in Mexico according to information from states’ attorney general offices.  This information was provided by 23 states governments out of 32 that were requested this information. Just in some cases, the General Attorney’s Office have collaborated with state governments because it is difficult to prove that those forced disappearances are related to federal crimes such as organized crime and drug trafficking.    The spokesperson from FUUNDEC, Jorge Verastegui, expressed that the problem of forced disappearances might be more serious because families do not denounce the disappearance of their relatives out of fear.  The number of enforced disappearances might reach 25 000 or 30 000 if the latter cases are included.   It is in this context where two mothers have begun their hunger strike in front of Gobernación (the Mexican Department of State) to demand for the search of their disappeared children. Their names are Margarita López and Julia Alonso.  Continue reading

Refusal of National Human Rights Commission to create independent forensic Commission

Saltillo, Coahuila (30 October 2012) – The National Commission of Human rights (CNDH) responded to the communication sent on October 10, 2012 by various movements of the relatives of the disappeared and organizations of human rights.  In this document, these movements and organization expressed their concern for the lack of attention by the Commission. Continue reading

These are part of a letter sent by a Greek citizen (Edo Aspropoupoulos)…. A TRIP THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: MEXICO

I am from Greece.  I am a Fine Arts student and I’ve always had the illusion of knowing places outside Europe, other cultures and other landscapes.  So I decided to ask for a scholarship to go to Mexico. I was pretty lucky and my dream was fulfilled. I got a scholarship in 2010 to study Fine Arts at UNAM!
My joy was great! I had always wanted travel to Mexico, to know its ancestral culture, see its precious relics, art before and now, the beautiful landscapes I saw in pictures, and enjoy its famous cuisine. Friends who had already travelled before to Mexico returned with the best impressions and all were eager to return!

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