NGOs demand effective mechanisms to help families of missing migrants in Mexico

By Edición CAMBIO 22 February 25th, 2023

Human rights organizations and relatives of disappeared migrants demanded in southern Mexico the enforcement of the law and compliance with the recommendations of the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances. In an interview, the representative of Mesoamerican Voices, Emanuel Bran Guzmán, said that “the law has had many problems. It is not working in all the states or federal institutions.”

The organizations, including Mesoamerican Voices, spoke out for more efficient laws as a priority for vulnerable groups and an end to the violation of the human rights of migrants and their families. The list includes the identification, notification, return, repatriation, and dignified restitutions according to cultural beliefs, a professional search for DNA recovery, and an investigation of the different massacres of migrants.

Likewise, they demanded the homologation of the Law of the Disappeared and the creation of the Citizen Council of the State Search Commission in Chiapas. They also called for effective and coordinated operations with unique forensic identification mechanisms. At the same time, the families demanded the effective operation of the external support mechanism for relatives of missing migrants from Central America and Mexico.

This was presented during the Central America, Mexico, and the United States regional conference for the rights of disappeared migrants and their families in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas. The meeting took place at the facilities of the Samuel Jtatik Museum, with organizations such as Melelxojobal, Armadillos Rastreadores Ensenada, Colectivo Oaxaqueños Buscando a los Nuestros, Cofamifear-Honduras, Committee of relatives of deceased and disappeared migrants in El Salvador, among others.

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