Relatives of the disappeared protest on the Monterrey-Laredo highway. They placed posters to support the search for their missing loved ones in the states of Nuevo León and Tamaulipas.


February, 12th 2023

A group of women members of the collective “Todos Somos Uno,” representing relatives of victims of disappearance on the Monterrey-Laredo highway, which connects Mexico with the United States, placed posters to support the search for their loved ones. The event was held this Sunday in Monterrey, Nuevo León, where they accused the indifference of the states’ authorities.

Casandra Sánchez, one of the members of the collective, said that they found difficulties in following up on the investigation files of their cases because they are in the hands of the Government of Tamaulipas. She specified that, as the events occurred in the territory of that entity, it is difficult for them to travel, and they are at risk of being victims of a crime. She demanded the support of the authorities of Nuevo León to expedite the cases.

“The former governor (Jaime Rodríguez Calderón) met with the Attorney General, and we all agreed that the investigations would be transferred to Ciudad Victoria, with no progress,” she said. The woman is looking for her husband, Brandon Issac Hernandez, who worked as a trailer driver and disappeared five years ago.

Margarita Tolentino, who is looking for her sons Manuel Antonio, Michael Foxworth Tolentino, and her godson Bruno Castañeda, said that the current governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, only received them at the beginning of his term, but that was all.

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