Families of the disappeared light trees with photographs of missing relatives in Mexico.

Editorial / Correo / December 17, 2022

The Tree of Hope lit up with photographs of those who disappeared by violence in Mexico. In an act full of hope, parents desperately searching for their missing children illuminated a Christmas tree in the Mexican state of Guerrero with a series of lights and hung photographs with the faces of teenagers, women, and men, in the Zocalo of the port of Acapulco. This symbolic act was carried out by the “Asociación de Familias de Desaparecidos en México” Association of Families of the Disappeared in Mexico (AFADEM), who presented “The Tree of Hope” with the faces of those who disappeared by violence in Mexico. In the “Tree of Hope,” each of the relatives told the tragedy they lived in the absence of their loved ones. “If you know someone who has a missing person in their home or someone who has a missing person, do not hesitate to contact any of us,” said AFADEM spokesman Julio Mata.

Socorro Gil Guzmán, one of the mothers of the disappeared, explained her tragedy when her son Jonathan disappeared on December 5, 2018, after going to a soccer championship with his friends. The police detained them, and he was never seen again. “Carlos was tortured, killed, and thrown into the street. My son was disappeared,” the woman lamented. “People do not disappear or get lost, they are taken away by other people, and they are hurt; some are taken to illegal work like young girls, and men are killed,” Gil Guzmán added.

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