A Christmas “tree of hope” waiting for missing relatives

December 4th, 2022 / David Celestino / El Ciudadano

The collective placed photos as a protest against the lack of actions of the authorities to locate their relatives. Regardless of the obstacles of the City Council of Puebla to exercise their right to use public roads, the collective “Voz de los Desaparecidos” placed on the plate of the zócalo its “tree of hope,” with photos of relatives.

For the fifth consecutive year, the families of victims of enforced disappearance posted photos of those whom one day left and have not returned as a protest against the lack of “forceful” actions by the authorities to locate them. 

María Luisa Nuñez Barajas, the collective founder, indicated that the tree symbolizes the hope of the people for their disappeared relatives to return and sensitize the Puebla population to this problem that, according to the woman, has reached 3 thousand people.

At the base of two trees, a few meters from the Municipal Palace the collective placed the photos of José María Sedano Posadas, Claudia Morales, Jesús Sayas Martinez, Jesús Gutiérrez Rodríguez and others, who have not been located for months, and even years.  Nuñez Barojas stressed that the tree placement is also a search action because, in some cases, they have obtained information from people who see the photos.

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