“This space is ours”: relatives of the disappeared demonstrated at the Glorieta del Ahuehuete against the Mexico City government.

By Fabiola Sánchez Morales / INFOBAE

November 13th, 2022

The demonstrators reported that it was the third time the administration headed by Claudia Sheinbaum deleted the names and photographs of their loved ones. “This is our space; here we had all the photos, the names, everything of our disappeared.”

This is the third time that they repainted it, that they covered it again with fences, so in one way or another, we want to let everyone know that this space is ours, explained a mother who has been looking for her son since March 3, 2019.

It is worth mentioning that the demonstration called for November 13 in front of the Glorieta del Ahuehuete took place after last November; groups of relatives of disappeared persons reported on social networks that the government of Mexico City removed the names and photographs of their loved ones on the fences of the old Glorieta de La Palma. Their statement and publication affirmed that these deletion actions only demonstrated the “policy of oblivion.” In addition, they pointed out that the government intends to hide the cases so as not to “taint” the Sheinbaum administration.

To read original version in Spanish:


Groups and relatives returned to claim the space as theirs; on top of the Christmas paintings ordered by the administration of Claudia Sheinbaum, the demonstrators wrote the legend “Glorieta de Las y Los Desaparecidos.” Photo: Fabiola Sánchez Morales


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