Relatives of the disappeared massively search for human remains in El Ajusco area in Mexico City

Raúl Axel Mendoza Gutiérrez / Noticieros Televisa / October 7th, 2022

El Ajusco, a wooded area, located south of Mexico City, is used to get rid of victims of feminicide and homicide. In the last two years, the bodies of at least 11 women have been found dead in El Ajusco. The middle part of El Ajusco is considered a clandestine grave. Therefore relatives of the disappeared went into this coniferous forest, where the vegetation and loneliness of the places cover up abandoned bodies. Among ravines, mud and fallen trees, the relatives of missing persons carried out a massive search for human remains.

Mayte Valadez, the founder of the collective “Guerreras Buscadoras de Sonora”, reported: “We already worked here yesterday, and there was a positive finding of skeletal remains; El Ajusco is such a beautiful place, so beautiful, that one would never imagine that it is a clandestine grave. We found a skull and a jaw.”

At 78 years old, Don José does not stop looking for his niece Josefina Díaz, who disappeared eight years ago in Iztapalapa, Mexico City. José Díaz, a relative of the disappeared, commented: “I believe she might be here. We brought iron sticks to dig into the land; yes, one gets tired, but it turns out that the need to find your relative makes you go on.”

To read full report in Spanish:

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