“I’m looking for my dad”: the video of children digging to find their missing relatives in Mexico.

In an emotional video published on Saturday, a group of children takes sticks and hoes to an area of Jalisco, Mexico, where they found human remains. In this country, there are more than 100,000 missing people. This is the story behind the video.

Isaías Alvarado / September 17 2022 / Univision Noticias

It was a spontaneous action that occurred this Saturday in Tlaquepaque, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, where they found the charred remains of a person. Volunteers and groups searching for the missing paused while a bulldozer worked. During that break, several children took shovels and hoes to continue removing the earth’s surface.

“I’m looking for my dad,” was the response given by one of them to Ceci Flores, leader of the collective Madres Buscadoras de Sonora, who shared a video on Twitter that recorded the emotional participation of the minors. Ceci Flores said: “In my country, children join the searches for missing parents.”

“It is an unfortunate thing to see so many children there. We began to see that children arrived and grabbed shovels, picks, to start removing the bricks they took out of the earth,” Flores described in an interview with Univision Noticias.

 “Suddenly, it was four, five children, and then more children using shovels and taking turns because they got tired. When one of them got tired, another grabbed the shovel. They were all victims,” the activist lamented. She was also moved that a girl was collaborating without having any missing relatives. “Children show solidarity, empathy, and desire to support their peers,” she said.

To read the entire article in Spanish and watch the video:


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