The study on the disappeared in Mexico is almost ready: President AMLO

La Jornada. Nestor Jiménez and Alonso Urrutia. July 21, 2022

After 100,000 disappeared people in the country according to official data from the National Registry of Disappeared Persons (NRDP), President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that a study is about to be concluded in this regard because it is an issue that his opponents have used. He defended that it was with his government that the searches by the authorities began.

At his daily press conference regarding the federal government’s actions to support searching for missing persons, he said, “we are working every day for that,” “protecting families who are looking for their loved ones.”

Referring to the 100,000 missing people registered in the NRDP, reached on May 17, he highlighted the support for the search for the disappeared.

“We are about to finish an investigation on disappearances because the issue is used by our adversaries to question our work. Regarding the ‘100,000 disappeared in Mexico,’ “I am here daily, working on security issues. 100,000 did not disappear during this government, but the reading could indicate that, so we are doing an investigation to clarify that.”

President AMLO indicated, “the search begins practically with us, with our government. He clarified that “of course” searching starts with mothers of the disappeared, but “the government begins to look for them from the moment this administration began. We can prove that.”

President López Obrador during his press conference on July 21, 2022. Photo Yazmín Ortega Cortés

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