In Mexico City with the chief of government Sheinbaum, the disappearance of women rises 900%, from 93 to 930 of cases

EL FINANCIERO By Eduardo Ortega June 20, 2022

So, far in the administration of Claudia Sheinbaum as head of Mexico’s City government, the number of missing women in Mexico City has increased 900 percent, compared to the same period of the previous administration, headed by Miguel Ángel Mancera.

According to the National Registry of Data on Missing or Disappeared Persons, the number of missing and unlocated women in the capital went from 93, registered between December 5,2012, and June 16, 2016, to 930, registered between December 5, 2018, and June 1. 2022.

The report “Human trafficking and Disappearance of Women in Mexico City”, carried out by the City’s Search Commission in 2021, states that one of the possible causes linked to these cases is human trafficking. The increase in the number of disappearances of women in Mexico City skyrockets just with the arrival to office of Sheinbaum Pardo, since it increased from 22 cases registered in 2018, to 228 in 2019, 277 in 2020 and 243 in 2021.

Disappearance of women. Increased disappearance of women in Mexico City (Gabriela Pérez/Cuartoscuro)

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