International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances 30 August

Transcript of video

(In the march)

They were taken alive, we want them back alive! (Vivos se los llevaron, vivos los queremos)

Families united will never be defeated! (Familias unidas, jamás serán vencidas)

We want victims to be found alive and punishment to perpetrators! (Presentación con vida y castigo a los culpables)

Where is Jorge? Where is he? (¿Dónde está Jorge? ¿Dónde está?)

Where is Lauro? Where is he? (¿Dónde está Lauro? ¿Dónde está?)

Where is Sergio? Where is he? (¿Dónde está Sergio? ¿Dónde está?)

Where is José? Where is he? (¿Dónde está José? ¿Dónde está?)

Where is Raul Ignancio? (¿Dónde Raúl Ignacio?)

Where is José Alberto? (¿Dónde está José Alberto?)

Punishment to perpetrators (Castigo a los culpables)

Where are they? Where are they? Where are our children? (¿Dónde están? ¿Dónde están? ¿Nuestros hijos dónde están?)

(First Speech)

The International Day of victims of Enforced Disappearance is celebrated around the world each August 30th. Perhaps, for most people, it is just one more day. But for families like us, it is a day to remember to the hundreds of men, women, young people and children that one morning, afternoon or evening disappeared. They were disappeared and we are looking for them. We, mothers, fathers, spouses, sons and daughters keep shouting the names of our disappeared in the streets. We ask citizens their support, collaboration and their testimony in case they have witnessed a disappearance. We ask the government to do what they have not done in years: find our relatives, know the truth and punish the perpetrators.

(Second speech)

We do not wish you to go through the same situation as we do. Do not be indifferent and insensible to this tragedy that lots of families are going through in the state of Coahuila and in Mexico in general.

(Third speech)

All of us in this march are feeling dead inside. We would like you to pray for our disappeared and their return to their homes. We do not wish anyone what we are going through. Like we say here, there is an empty seat in the table, and more emptiness in our hearts.  Please, pray for us because it is awful what we are going through, being unable to sleep waiting for our relatives to come back.

(In the march)

Where is Judith? Where is Wilfredo? Where is José Martín? Where is José? Where is Jorge?





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